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  • I am from Utah and had to deal with your facility before and during the death of my father-in-law (D.W.R). Overall it was a good experience but if not for Chelsea Wilkerson that rating may not have a ten for ten. She worked with us before the death through a difficult situation and followed up at the end when it seemed we had hit a wall. Thank you to her and to Graceland for helping the Riddle family through a tough situation. I would recommend your funeral home to anyone especially if they had Chelsea to work with. Kudos Chelsea they are blessed to have you. C.A.R
  • We, the family of Mr. K.W, would like to thank everyone for the wonderful experience, during very difficult times. The staff there were extremely compassionate and helpful in making some very hard decisions. The ceremony was perfect! After all of the initial matters were over and done, we all had to go back our own separate ways, several hundred miles away from the cemetery. We still needed to make arrangements for the proper marker to identify our Father's resting place. This is where a very special lady comes into play. We contacted Miss Kelly Altenbernd to start this process. After numerous e-mails back and forth, we were able to finalize a contract for the marker. Then come the V.A. Marker issue. Again we contacted Miss Kelly, and as before, she took control and arranged the necessary contract to address this matter. Through all of this she was very compassionate and professional. We feel Miss Kelly went the extra mile for our family. This process would have been very difficult to accomplish without Miss Kelly's assistance. Please recognize Miss Kelly for her exceptional service. The L Family
    The L Family
  • L & I wanted to thank Shannon for being so kind and made mom look beautiful ans Dave for stepping in & helping with the beautiful service. We couldnt ask for better treatment. S.D + L.B + B.L
    S.D + L.B + B.L
  • Dave and Staff, Thank you for all your help and kindness at the time of L's death. Your thoughtfulness to the children and to me, was appreciated. Your love and concern for the people who came to the visitation meant so much. From the moment G & assistant came to the house for the body, till L was taken to Mr G you were a comfort to all of us. S & Family
  • Shannon, Thank you so much for your services! You made this process much easier. You went above and beyond in so many ways!. Thank you so much! The S Famliy
    The S Family
  • I want to thank all of you for your effort in obtaining my mother, M.K, death certificate. This has been a very difficult time. She choose well for her funeral service. Thank you again J.H
  • Dear Dave, Want to thank you for all that you did. It was a very different situation and was handled so very beautifully. We are most fortunate to have chosen you far our services. Gratefully Yours M & L
    M & L
  • Chelsea - We the family of C.W. wanted to personally thank you for your loving perseverance in regards to helping my father finalize the wonderful preparations for our mother. Your wonderful hospitality and support during the time of our mothers passing is truly appreciated. Job well done above and beyond! Thank you so much!
  • Hello David, This is a little late, but I just wanted to let you know how much my siblings and I enjoyed working with you for mom's (M. G.) funeral! We all 4 commented, especially my sister G. H., on what a fabulous job you and your team did for us! During the funeral mass and burial it gave us comfort to have you standing by, and confidence as we watched you for cues as to what to do next! You and your staff took care of many little details that did not go unnoticed by us and that we appreciated so much! I can sure understand why mom liked you so much and had decided that she wanted you to take care of her funeral! I am sure that our family would give you and your firm a hearty recommendation if ever we have the chance! My brother G. and I came in your office a few days after the funeral to pay the bill. We asked to see you to tell you how much we appreciated you in person but you were not in, so sorry we missed you that day! We wish you and your family all the best!
  • Thank you for making it as painless as possible. A special thanks to Shannon Bull and Marsha Leckrone. What a joy they were and what a huge help.