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We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

Mike Bell & Chandler Jones did a outstanding job in servicing my grandma and our family during the time of her passing. Chandler were there every step of way from my grandma passing to her funeral and he is still here with us. He have an outstanding character and demeanor that never changed while he was servicing us. You don’t see a lot of professionalism in young people our age and Chandler was very professional and took pride in what he do. And I love that about him. Chandler went above and beyond for my grandma and our family so I really appreciate it and want to thank Chandler and the staff Moran & Goebel for everything you guys have done for us.

Rhonda Daniels April 26, 2021

I would like to say thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For you guy’s services. Also I would highly recommend them. My Grandmother Shirley Daniels passed on April 10th 2021. They waited for our love ones to come and see her and wasn’t in a rush to get her out the house. They let us help them carry her out and play her favorite song. My grandmother was made up so beautifully. She truly looked like she was sleeping. Our overall experience was A1! Exceptional!!! My grandmother was really out to rest like a Queen that she is. Special thanks to Chandler Jones also. When I say he was there every step of the way, he was there! We greatly appreciate the whole staff.

Jessica Richardson April 20, 2021

My family has experienced the unimaginable losses of my father and my husband in less than two months. As with most people in my age bracket, this was my first experience walking into a funeral home to make arrangements for someone I've lost. Everyone on the staff I met was exceptionally gentle and kind and their experience in dealing with grief was much needed. Chandler Jones especially stood out to me because, although being such a young man, his heartfelt concern and fellow feeling came across clearly and I felt truly cared for. As my son and I faced both tragedies together alone, with no other family to help us, Chandler stepped up to be with us in our unbearable loss. When I lost my my husband so soon after loosing my father, I knew ahead of time Chandler would be a major part in helping me get through this second set of arrangements. His sincerity, concern and understanding was a great source of comfort. I have always been amazed by ones who choose to place themselves in an occupation such as his because it would require genuine love of others in order to face what they do every day. Chandler is exceptionally qualified for such a needed role. We appreciate him so much!

Theresa Widmer July 11, 2020

Mr. Goebel and Staff: We would like to thank you for your assistance in preparing the arrangements for A.'s funeral. I am particularly thrilled you were able to recruit black vehicles for this sad but dignified time in his final journey home. We would most happily recommend you and your staff to anyone during their time of sorrow.

The P. Family

Hello, I want to tell you how grateful my family is for your care of our mom, K.W., after her passing. Your whole staff was very kind and helpful. A special thank you to Daisy for her wonderful support. It meant so much to me to do mom's hair one last time, with your encouragement and help. Thank you Daisy!! You will all be highly recommended by the Walter's family.


Ron, thank you....more than I can say. You are the best funeral director ever! Thank you so much for your caring and courteous service during my father's funeral/burial services.


Barb, We shall always remember with deep gratitude your comforting expression of sympathy. We want you to know how very much we appreciate and thank you for taking the time to make things go smoothly at the funeral. You are s special friend. Lovingly,

The C. Family

Your kind expression of sympathy is gratefully acknowledged and deeply appreciated.


This is the first time I have had to deal with a funeral home. But I found that it was a very good experience. I was very pleased with everything. I don’t know of a thing that could have been better.


Thank you The family of E.H. W thanks you for your kind expression of sympathy. -J, N, S + Family

J, N, S + Family

Mr. Pettit, Thank you for the care and support you provided our family. We appreciate your attention to detail. Again, you made this time more bearable and special, Sincerely, J.W & C.W & Sisters

J.W & C.W & Sisters

We, the family of Mr. K.W, would like to thank everyone for the wonderful experience, during very difficult times. The staff there were extremely compassionate and helpful in making some very hard decisions. The ceremony was perfect! After all of the initial matters were over and done, we all had to go back our own separate ways, several hundred miles away from the cemetery. We still needed to make arrangements for the proper marker to identify our Father's resting place. This is where a very special lady comes into play. We contacted Miss Kelly Altenbernd to start this process. After numerous e-mails back and forth, we were able to finalize a contract for the marker. Then come the V.A. Marker issue. Again we contacted Miss Kelly, and as before, she took control and arranged the necessary contract to address this matter. Through all of this she was very compassionate and professional. We feel Miss Kelly went the extra mile for our family. This process would have been very difficult to accomplish without Miss Kelly's assistance. Please recognize Miss Kelly for her exceptional service. The L Family

The L Family

Dave and Staff, Thank you for all your help and kindness at the time of L's death. Your thoughtfulness to the children and to me, was appreciated. Your love and concern for the people who came to the visitation meant so much. From the moment G & assistant came to the house for the body, till L was taken to Mr G you were a comfort to all of us. S & Family


I want to thank all of you for your effort in obtaining my mother, M.K, death certificate. This has been a very difficult time. She choose well for her funeral service. Thank you again J.H


Chelsea - We the family of C.W. wanted to personally thank you for your loving perseverance in regards to helping my father finalize the wonderful preparations for our mother. Your wonderful hospitality and support during the time of our mothers passing is truly appreciated. Job well done above and beyond! Thank you so much!


Thank you for making it as painless as possible. A special thanks to Shannon Bull and Marsha Leckrone. What a joy they were and what a huge help.


Moran & Goebel Funeral Services - We want to let you know how much we appreciate your great service for M.J. on August 23, 2014. Your staff was awesome and welcoming. Also, the staff met every need of the family. The facility is so beautiful and peaceful. It was one of the best funeral services we attended. Also, we would like to send a special "thank you" to your staff member Shannon. She was so professional and thoughtful. How she remembered our names and attended to our every needs was amazing. She was amazing!


Thank you for the sensitive way your staff treated us during this difficult time. Also everything was lovely.


Bill, Paul, Heather and all others who helped. You all made handling the death of my father much easier because of your kindness and professionalism. Thank you all so much!


To all the staff - Thank you all so much for the kindness shown to myself and my family during my Mother's funeral, and thank you also for all the prayers you said, that helped us to get through these difficult times. We were very pleased with the way her funeral was handled, and I know she would have been pleased also. Thank you and God bless you all.

The Family of R.N.

I know I said it before, but it only seemed fitting to send a card for you to remember. There are no words to express how wonderful you were to all of us in our mother/wife P. H. passing. You are wonderful at your job but I am sure its because you are a wonderful person. Thank you from all of us for everything!

The family of P. H.

I wanted to take the time and say thank you to all of your staff for a job well done in our time of need. The attention detail your staff displayed was extraordinary, from my father’s appearance to the grave site. Your staff performed in a professional, unwavering and enthusiastic manner to help ez our pain. This shows your staffs integrity and work ethic. I know yours is a job that people take for granted, but they went above and beyond to ensure that our every need was met. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and let you to know how our family feels. Thanks for a job well done.


Dear Dave - Thanks again for making a K. service memorable. You and your team always are a pleasure to work with and so accommodating to our needs and sometimes strange requests. It was good to see your face and Bill's you will always hold a special spot in our hearts, you know. You've seen us through some tough times through the years. You've got to know Mom liked you guys cause she wanted pictures of you! Mom knew CLASS!! Anyway thanks for giving us a place to land from various parts of the USA. You were great!

J.K. Family

Thank you to everyone that played a part in helping us through this most difficult time. Everyone was so kind and caring and we appreciate your kindness. Everything was PERFECT!


Moran & Goebel, We just wanted to say thank you all again for the way you handled our sister P.K.’s funeral. It is very hard losing a sister, let alone dealing with the lack of funds for her burial. Thank you so much for making it possible to have her funeral on Saturday and lowering the cost. We will never forget it….. Respectfully,


Mr. Goebel, I would like to thank you for hiring such a caring and considerate staff! My family had a graveside service for my husband, F., at the new columbarium. The service was wonderful from the water that was brought to us, to the chairs that were there waiting for us, to the dove release- everything was just perfect. Angela Burchett, Rob Stone, Sharon Ross and John Brosam are the wonderful people that helped me through this sad part of my life. I must mention that a gentleman had to cut an inch off of my husband’s “box” so it would fit in the niche. He did a great job, I was really pleased! “Gator” took me to the niche to be sure it fit and I stayed while he locked it up. He is a “great” guy! Blessings to you, PS. Please share this note with these kind and “special people.”


Dear Charlie, With the burial of my little dog, Tina, on June 6, 2012, you have helped me let 10 beloved pets go to the Rainbow Meadow to wait for me. I just want to thank you for all your caring and kindness over the past several years. Take care.


Mike Bell and staff of Moran and Goebel did an excellent job in serviceing my Mom during her death. From picking her up from home to the service and burial. Exceptional job by Chandler Jones in the care and personal attention he gave to my family. I have an extremely large family his attitude and demeanor was top notch thank you Chandler, you did your job with true love and professionalism above and beyond. Thank you for treating my Mom with the respect, kindness and love she was use to in life, you have given to her in death. I am forever grateful, You did it well. Thank you to the whole staff I appreciate all of you. From the business to the burial thank you. I will recommend their service to any family.

Vivian Daniels April 20, 2021

Dave Goebel, Moran/Goble Funeral Home It is with heartfelt appreciation that I wish to express my gratitude for your making it "easy" to plan and to execute my detailed wishes for my husband's funeral and military burial. Your quick response to my requests was simply unbelievable. The cost was reasonable and every detail was handled with utmost care. The service and military burial was matchless with the Macon County Honor Guard, Army National Guard and dueling buglers. Visitors from five states were literally speechless! The service and memorial DVDs were well done, as was the funeral program beautifully designed by your staff and attached to the scriptural testimony booklet written by my husband. The thought was only in my head but you made it reality! Thank you. Dave, you handled every detail at the cemetery effortlessly even down to suggesting which flowers would last longest-now that's paying attention! Customer care is indeed alive and well at Moran & Goebel. T he Decatur Community is fortunate to have your organization. It was a pleasure to do "business" with you. When the time comes I would not even consider anyone else. Thanks again. Nancy S. Funk Decatur

Nancy funk October 05, 2020

I just want to express my gratitude to all of you. From Melissa's first visit, she was so patient and kind. She took so much time working with me in between my having to stop and take care of Don's needs. The care and compassion that David showed us while we made the arrangements made us feel more like family than clients seeking out guidance. When Dave and Bob came to get Don, they were both so respectful and concerned. I have to mention Chandler as well. His deep caring and efforts to just make us feel so at ease was just a blessing. To all of you words could never be enough to humbly thank you for everything you did for us. Your name came to us from a very trusted friend. She was right about everything she told us about you. I would highly recommend your services to anyone that needs you. Thank you for making us part of your family when we needed it most. God bless all of you.

Susan M Myers July 07, 2020

We are deeply grateful for the kindness and compassion you extended to our family during this difficult time. You have touched our hearts. We are very pleased wit all the services Moran & Goebel provided us from the pre-planning with Melissa to John Stork taking care of Mom. We thought she looked absolutely beautiful. Thank you,

The Z. Family

The death of my brother, S.S. was unexpected and greatly impacted my family. I want to commend your organization for serving my family so professionally and with great empathy. David, you were superb in directing and in interacting so often with me. I certainly appreciate your kind ways in responding to many requests! I certainly will recommend both Graceland Fairlawn and Moran and Goebel Funeral Homes. Thank you so very much! Sincerely,


We were so pleasantly surprised the first time we walked into your funeral home in Decatur. We had placed Tim in Symphony of Decatur to a stroke last September. We were greeted with such warmth and caring during a stressful situation. Everyone that we had contact with from that day on were very caring, we met Chandler Jones and he started us on Tim's arrangements and how we wanted them to be taken cared of. There never was a time that anyone that we talked to or had some communications with hurried us, they listened to what we had to say and always had our best interest in mind. Any phone all, anytime we stopped by to ask questions we were always met with that same warmth. We were always asked if we needed anything while we waited. We never felt like we were an interruption, like a lot of businesses. When T. passed away in July, everything was taken care of like we had requested, Chandler called us with condolences, and everything was handled with dignity and respect. When papers needed to be signed for our arrangements, Chelsea came all the way over to our house, most places would have asked us to come back to do that. She is very dedicated to making each person that Moran & Goebel does business with the feeling that warmth and respect. We were so impressed with how everything was handled, that my husband and I have made our arrangements with you as well. We both thank you for your kindness during a difficult time, God bless you for the services that you provided. Sometimes older people get shuffled around; we felt nothing but a warmth of kindness.

The D. Family

Moran and Goebel Staff, We would like to thank you for the services rendered to us for the funeral of Mr. C.. Everything was beautiful and extremely compassionate to our needs.

The C. Fmaily

David Goebel, I was pleased with your services for my husband D.L.S. Your staff were caring and took good care of all my needs. I am comfortable awarding you the highest rating. Sincerely,


Shannon, On behalf of our family, I wanted to thank you for your assistance and the flawless coordination of the visitation service and arrangements for my father. I certainly appreciated the kind way you dealt with my mother during the meeting to manage arrangements and everything since has been handled as outlined and without any issues. Many thanks, K.L


I just want to send a quick email to thank you for such a wonderful job on the funeral and services of my father, B.R. You personally took the time to explain and suggest to our family the options. Everyone at the funeral home was very nice and addressed all of our needs. (Bruce, was very concerned about the "adult" beverages, however, we did get an "impromptu, unofficial after hours license" on sight to never be revealed! ) B, very good about his concerns and I do appreciate it as it kept it the visitation respectful. Donna did an excellent job on preparing Dad for the viewing. She was very concerned his presentation was to our acceptance level and was very much appreciated. What I thought was going to be the hardest part for me, Donna's caring and compassion, helped me clear that hurdle. Finally, Mrs. L, as you know is a family friend. I haven't seen her in twenty years. However, like great friends, we picked up right where we last saw one another. I can't put into words how much she put our entire family at ease with her kindness and easy flow communication. She, as everyone at Moran and Goebel, treated us as if we were family! Thank you so much! A "Punky" R

A "Punky" R

I am from Utah and had to deal with your facility before and during the death of my father-in-law (D.W.R). Overall it was a good experience but if not for Chelsea Wilkerson that rating may not have a ten for ten. She worked with us before the death through a difficult situation and followed up at the end when it seemed we had hit a wall. Thank you to her and to Graceland for helping the Riddle family through a tough situation. I would recommend your funeral home to anyone especially if they had Chelsea to work with. Kudos Chelsea they are blessed to have you. C.A.R


L & I wanted to thank Shannon for being so kind and made mom look beautiful ans Dave for stepping in & helping with the beautiful service. We couldnt ask for better treatment. S.D + L.B + B.L

S.D + L.B + B.L

Shannon, Thank you so much for your services! You made this process much easier. You went above and beyond in so many ways!. Thank you so much! The S Famliy

The S Family

Dear Dave, Want to thank you for all that you did. It was a very different situation and was handled so very beautifully. We are most fortunate to have chosen you far our services. Gratefully Yours M & L

M & L

Hello David, This is a little late, but I just wanted to let you know how much my siblings and I enjoyed working with you for mom's (M. G.) funeral! We all 4 commented, especially my sister G. H., on what a fabulous job you and your team did for us! During the funeral mass and burial it gave us comfort to have you standing by, and confidence as we watched you for cues as to what to do next! You and your staff took care of many little details that did not go unnoticed by us and that we appreciated so much! I can sure understand why mom liked you so much and had decided that she wanted you to take care of her funeral! I am sure that our family would give you and your firm a hearty recommendation if ever we have the chance! My brother G. and I came in your office a few days after the funeral to pay the bill. We asked to see you to tell you how much we appreciated you in person but you were not in, so sorry we missed you that day! We wish you and your family all the best!


Hello, Shannon I wanted to say thank you again for everything. My brother and I didnt want all Ten thousand family memebers in the folder. But as you can see its was what she wanted in it and thats it. But again you have been perfect. Thank you very much.


Dear David Goebel, I am sorry this has taken so long to get to you. I wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude for funeral director Bill Pettit. I was in a situation on Saturday March 15th. A ward of mine had passed away unexpectedly before I had funeral arrangements made in Cook County, Il area. The facility he resided in was able to give me a lead to call in a city close to them. After explaining the situation and the use of Medicaid as a pay source, the female became rude and unwilling to help. I asked for other suggestions in her area to call and she suggested I call my local funeral home. I did call Moran and Goebel, I spoke with a female who took my information and advised me a funeral director would call me back. Bill Pettit called back in a just a few minutes and offered his assistance in locating someone in the area for me to call. Bill provided a name and number to a funeral home in Dupage County . I was able to make contact and have arrangements made quickly and efficiently by this contact. I cannot express enough how much Bill’s handling of this situation is truly appreciated. He took time on a weekend to answer and assist in this call which was not a concern for your facility. I have always had wonderful service and care from Moran and Goebel but Bill Pettit went above and beyond what was required. Bill Pettit is an asset to your facility.


Dear Mike, I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did with the music video of our mom, J. K. You were very gracious and patient with us when we had to make changes with the added death of our brother and our adding additional photos. We appreciated all you did for us!

K.L and Family

Thanks for the loving kindness displayed to the A. Family. Thanks also for your patience thru these trying times. From the sister of J.A. Jr. you are so wonderful and many blessings to you all.


Just wanted to take time to tell you what a wonderful job you guys did! My dad looked wonderful - he looked as if he was ready to get up and preach. Everything at his visitation and home coming ceremony went wonderful. Thanks so much

The Family of D.S.

To all the staff at Moran and Goebel: It is with the deepest gratitude of the family of C.B, fo ryour excellent assistance to us in this time of great sorrow of the passing of our beloved mother. Your kindness and care has made this time much easier to bear: and your expertise surpasses all the expectations.


Dear Mr. Goebel and Staff - The members of the SADD Chapter would like to join me in expressing their heartfelt appreciation for all of the time and effort you put into making the Mock Crash at St. Teresa High School a reality and success. We felt the message was strong and well received. Your personal touch and empathy were certainly felt by the people who played the roles of the parents and the victim. The actual mother of the victim was also at the event and was touched. We did show the rose to several classes the following day for those who were unable to see it at the event. Our Prom was successful and incident free. We could not have done this without your contribution. Thank you for the very difficult job you do. We have posted pictures to the St. Teresa Advancement Facebook page as well as to the St. Teresa High School webpage under SADD for future reference. Our students, faculty and staff greatly appreciate your continuous support.


David, John, Bill, Kay and Staff - Thanks for a very receptive visitation. Also things went well at the mass at St. Patricks and the dinner we had at 7pm at the Home Town Buffet. Thanks again and God Bless.

C. & D. K

We so appreciate your generosity for getting the hams and food for our Christmas baskets. Blessings to you. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you.

S. R. and the Elks #401

On behalf of the D. and N. Families, We would like to say we are truly thankful to have entrusted our loved one (my dad H.D. Jr) in your care. From the first phone call, to receiving his body, to our final goodbye at Memorial Park, the staff was professional, caring, loving, and supportive. The D. family has used your services in the past (e.g. M.D., P.W.), and were very pleased. This was my first time being involved in planning a funeral. I now understand why our family has been so pleased with your services. Robert Stone was a “God send” for me. He did not treat me as a business transaction. He truly came across with genuine care and concern to make this as positive and stress free of an experience as possible. He was very personal and professional. He did a great job making sure to present my dad during his final viewing as handsome, peaceful, and proud!!! Mike, who handled the programs, was very patient with me and very helpful offering creative options. He went above and beyond to make sure everyone would be very pleased with the program and obituary. Kay was so welcoming, friendly, and helpful. I felt like I had known her for years. For all the staff that worked directly with us, as well as those that worked behind the scenes, we pray that each one of you be richly blessed for the incredible work that you do supporting families like ours through such a difficult period. Please know that you all did an awesome job making me and my family feel very loved, supported, and special. Blessings to each one of you!

P.N. and the D/N families

We were very pleased with your services in our time of need; you took good care of Dad and our family as well. Our every need was met and usually anticipated before we asked. We were pleased with the professionalism of all your staff.

R.B. Family